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Dennis Reid

My career started at the age of 6 after finding a distinctive ink stamp pad and through ingenuity decided to invent a brush by partially stripping a bird feather to a point which was used to create some of my earliest monochromatic paintings.

This enthusiasm continued during all my childhood as was recorded throughout my formal educational years where it was documented on my inter-grade Curriculum Vitae i.e. resume that the only profession my aspiration pointed towards was an "Artist".

During my years at Secondary and eventually High School level this passion was further boosted after watching the famous movie the "Agony and the Ecstasy" describing the life and times of Michelangelo famous Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor and architect; whose resilience and skills were exemplified in his major work in the Sistine Chapel. This path led to more research into the period and studies around the works of Raphael and in particular Leonardo Davinci which in fact became my favorite artist.

I was fortunate enough by the age of 12 to fall under the tuition of "famous Jamaican painter" Ralph Campbell who at the time coincidentally was the foremost art teacher at our local community high school who somehow through the weekly interaction in the art classes he conducted in my grade; thought that my skills would be best served amongst the best in the entire school and insisted that I joined the older group designated only for 11th graders and those on the brink of taking the well- known G.C.E "Advanced" level examination. This transition would later serve me well.

After leaving the confines and upbringing in Kingston I later resided in Port Antonio on the eastern side of the island with it's luscious flora and fauna where it rained almost everyday. Here my skills would explode with the abundance of awe inspiring subject matters. I was later enrolled in the Port Antonio Secondary School where my talent was spotted by Simon Bowers "famous Jamaican ceramic artist" after a brief tenure at the school teaching his craft, thereafter it was decided by the school's administration that I was too advance for the grade I was placed in; and was subsequently transferred to Titchfield High School thereby bypassing the Common Entrance Examination required to attend. This is where I subsequently blossomed and won a certificate of Merit for painting in the Jamaican Festival of Arts. I would later became reknowned in the school circuit for winning" the Prudential Award for Excellence" in the annual all Island poster competition twice as well as one local competition Beautifying Port Antonio presented by the Ministry of Education.

Further influences English artists John Constable and Joseph M.W Turner gave me spectacular visions of expressive interpretation of skies that could enhance a composition immensely; and as faith would have it my migration to England in 1986 was no coincidence. After successfully completing a foundation course in Fine Arts alongside the History of Art and Politics at Brixton College. I would then go on to earn a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communications Design specializing in Scientific Illustration at Middlesex University. In 2001 My wife and I migrated to the United States to start a new life and eventually launched T'Rei Design. My endeavour is the create a body of work that celebrates the jamaican-caribbean culture without the stereotypical legacy of what the region is known for. My style can be described as a Fusion of Caribbean and British influences.